About Our
ASL Services provides American Sign Language interpreting
services, and other services focused on the needs of Deaf,
Hard-Of-Hearing, Deaf/Blind, and Hearing individuals, and their
interaction together in their daily lives.  

We provide State-Registered interpreters all over the State of Pennsylvania
and operate in accordance with the PA Interpreter Law.
Director: Annie Hardway
Annie is a certified (NIC-Master, NAD-IV) interpreter.  She
studied American Sign Language at the
Rochester School
for the Deaf and worked as a staff interpreter at the
National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester,
NY.  She has been providing interpreting services
throughout South Central Pennsylvania for over 25 years.
ASL Services utilizes highly-qualified
interpreters who abide by the interpreting
Code of Professional Conduct set forth by
the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Staff Interpreters:
Annie Hardway (NIC-Master, NAD-4,
Gloria Myers (NAD-4)
Bill Waters (NAD-5)
Kendra Barlet (NIC)
Ashley Shenk (NIC, Ed K-12)
Sharon Nicarry (CI, CT, AOPC)
Angela Morris (NIC)
Kym Funk MacKilligan (NIC)
Laura Schupp (NIC)
Kate Blank (NIC, AOPC)
Nicole Ramos (NIC)
Kali Shay (EIPA, prov registered intern)

ASL Services also subcontracts from a
network of
more than 150 certified /
state-registered interpreters
from all
around the state of Pennsylvania and
neighboring states.
Organizational Links
About ASL Services
Registry of Interpreters for
the Deaf
National Association of
the Deaf
Office Staff:

Operations Manager:
Mark Hardway

Interpreter Coordinators:
Jennifer Langenstein
Joy Weiler

Office Support:
Sheri Parker
Nicole Ramos
Kali Shay

Dana Weaver
(PA Affiliate Chapter
of RID)
(Office for Deaf and
Hard of Hearing)